To LonesomeTrain

Just to ask if you will accept my citation of your business?
I had a very positive experience doing business with Lonesome
Train Music, from the prompt and personal progression of my ‘on-
line’ order through to payment and then delivery of my new
Republic Highway 61 Resonator guitar. I’ve had the guitar for a
couple of weeks now and it plays great, very playable neck and
setup. I would recommend this guitar and your business to anyone.
Look forward to shopping with you soon.

Thanks again for your excellent service.

James Clark


Hi guys

I got the guitar the other day. Just thought I would drop you a line to say thank you and let you know I LOVE it love it love it… I will be coming to you for a spider and single when I am ready. Thank you so much, best birthday present ever!





Nice bloody guitar man! (Great packaging too). Many thanks for the finish as well – subtle and comfortable. And the neck is indeed fine with the present finish.

But what’s got me is the tone – remembering I’ve been playing a Dobro biscuit for 20 years – full sound but not as sharp as the Resolian. I played Alamo Bay and it rang so well I slowed down.

And also the fretboard – must be a full 8-10mm wider than the Dobro – almost like a classical guitar set up. I started playing in the 60s when I saw John Fahey while still in school, but the Dobro wasn’t as conducive to fingerstyle (hence the Epiphone resonator). Played Poor Boy and it was clean and fun.

Couldn’t be happier – excellent guitar and I’ve saved a ticket to Bratislava. Yowza!

John Le Veille


Hi guys,

The Miniolian arrived safely yesterday.

First impressions are very favourable. I pulled it apart and lowered the saddle. Internal workmanship seems good and I don’t see much potential for structural deterioration. The date stamp on the headstock is 21/3/11, the day you ordered it. Pretty good service.

Sustain is excellent, and tone and projection are not far behind my National Estralita, at about six times the price and almost twice the weight. From what I’ve tried so far, its niche seems to be standard tuning slide, and it may prove to be the best guitar I have for that. An absolute bargain at the price, especially considering in comes in a fairly good fitted case.

It is a good example of an inexpensive guitar that can be made top notch in both playability and tone with a little work. I also checked prices, if I had been able to buy it direct from Republic it would have only have cost about $20 less than buying it from you, so your prices are low by Oz importer standards. I expect I could have got it a bit cheaper by shopping around on the Internet, but I like to buy locally where prices aren’t too outrageous – as they often are.




Hi LonesomeTrain!

Picked up the Resolian from the Post Office this morning. I am very pleased. It arrived safely and looks great and sounds better than I thought it would. I have been playing in open D and it seems to resonate better than other steel bodied guitars I have played in the local stores. It seems similar to a National I played in relation to the sustain hanging around forever.

Set up seems fine for both fingerstyle and slide as you suggested.

Many thanks for a smooth transaction and great conversion and set up.