Schatten Pickups

LonesomeTrain supplies Schatten passive pickups designed specifically¬†to suit Republic models. Active pickups are available on order although we suggest you consider using a passive model with an outboard preamp such as Schatten’s excellent combination Pre-Amp/DI.
We are supplying the TC model for Tricones and the NR-2, a model developed in collaboration  with and exclusively for Republic Single Cones. Schatten pickups are designed to install in a non-invasive manner, without modifications to the instrument. The design of Schatten pickups ensures that the acoustic sound of the instrument remains unaltered.

LonesomeTrain pickup installations eschew the standard Schatten ‘barrel’ style input-jack in preference to an input-jack installed directly into the lower bout of the instrument. This is the style of input jack you’ll find on a regular electric instrument. It’s a far more robust and effective method than the standard Schatten installation.

Supply and installation for both tricone and single-cone instruments is $130.